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When you have a responsive configuration, you can make certain that versatile clients have the capacity to get to your site without any difficulty, and the look is awesome. Portable streamlining is a top pattern that your business needs to get going to play a part with, or your SEO rankings could tan. The Permanent Secretary said that, in particular, countries omitted as priority markets could take offence. non-inclusion could be interpreted as a lack of genuine commitment to their market. This poses the question would any harm that might be caused by disclosing the protected information be outweighed by the public interest that there might be in making it available.

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The Permanent Secretary has argued that the potential harm occasioned by disclosure of this particular information does indeed. it is for the body refusing access to information to argue why disclosing it would not be in the public interest. In this context I am aware that MOD, in partnership with FCO and the Department for Trade and Industry. While I accept that this may not correspond to actual sales and is also retrospective the report does, nevertheless. put into the public domain details (including the overall value) seo software of the export licenses granted to the UK defence industry for each individual country.

In reply, the Permanent Secretary said that the decision to withhold the priority market list underExemption 1b has been taken following consultation with FCO on the potential effect that disclosure might have on international relations. MOD have agreed to make the information requested available to Mr J.He said that the latest Army and RAF continuous attitude surveys included over 200 questions each, while the Royal Navy survey had over a hundred. He said that the questions were on a wide variety of subjects and he listed the broad categories they covered. The Under-Secretary of State provided details of how often the surveys were compiled and the use to which they were put.