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Professor C said that his UK employer would continue to pay his salary and that his stay overseas was likely to be for a little less than a year, although it could be more. Professor C concluded by asking whether there were any leaflets available, which might help him understand the points he had raised. The local office replies on 14 November and explain the position. The Chairman said that in 1996 Professor C told the local office that he would be in America from 14 August 1996 to 17 July 1997, but when the local office replied they noted the return date as 10 June 1997.

The Chairman said that in 1998 Professor C told the local office that in their letter of 14 November 1995 they had told him that if he stayed abroad for 365 days. Professor C said he had not pursue the option of staying for a full 365 days after reading the letter but, if the advice had been wrong, web marketing when an injustice has occurred. The Chairman said that the local office replied to Professor C and said that they did not think they had given him incorrect advice.

Professor C met with an inspector from the local office who showed him a number of internal instructions, one of which. Professor C said that the original letter had been totally misleading, and that had he seen the instructions beforehand he would have made sure he remained in the USA for the full 365 days. The Chairman concluded by saying that he was sorry that Professor C felt the Revenue had given him misleading advice about foreign earnings deductions.

He said that he did not think they had, but they could have handled matters better. He said that the letter of 14 November 1995 seemed quite clear, and that there was a reference to Professor C’s UK salary and, in the same paragraph, an explanation of the need to be abroad for at least 365 days, so a link had been made between the deduction and the UK salary.